The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

Immortality and Vice

  • The party developed a plan to infiltrate the inner keep of Citadom
    *Ivy discovered that multiple handmaidens of Kyrora were going missing
    *Reah disguised herself as a handmaiden to gain entry
    *Ivy used stealth to sneak into the keep
    *Alida used magic to scry on Kyrora, and found a mysterious locked chest in her chambers
    *Alida used magic to infiltrate Kyrora’s chambers, where she found a scroll
    *Although she couldn’t read it, she destroyed it by breaking the enchantment on it
    *Praxus had a violent reaction to the destruction of the scroll
    *The party learned that Praxus may not in fact be immortal, but has been replaced by multiple copies each time he is killed
    *Reah was forced to kill a handmaiden in cold blood to stay in Kyrora’s good faith
    *Ivy was discovered by Kyrora as she snuck around the castle
    *The party decided to lure Kyrora to them using the Sins
    *It was revealed that Kyrora is a half-dragon succubus
    *Fought against Kyrora and her minions and took Lust from her, but she escaped


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