The Legend of Mythann: Reborn


The Party Brings Down the Galmion Regime

  • After being raised from the dead, Samos left without a word. Worried, the party tracked him down to an old dive bar where he confessed to his old bartender friend that he saw no impact in his life after his passing
  • The party rallied to support him, and he returned to his normal unpleasant demeanor
  • There was panic in the court as rumors that Praxus is really gone take root
  • The party held council with Samos, Nicholas Gray, Dervish, and Zealot
  • They decided that they wanted to try to ensure the transition of power without bloodshed. Dervish was not happy with the decision and stormed off
  • Rehia spread the word convincing the populace that Praxus had fallen for good
  • Ivy had her contacts in the Bandits spread the word. She found out from one of her sources that someone had been sending secret letters out of the city, and the past night someone shipped large wagons full of heavy cargo into the city
  • Alida tried to scry on Kyrora, to no avail. She sought more information at the library and talked with a veteran of Praxus’ war for the throne
  • He showed her books about “”/wikis/the-deathless-one" class=“wiki-page-link”> the Deathless One," an emperor who looked exactly like Praxus that had ruled Galmion for centuries long ago—in all of the stories, he was wearing Praxus helmet
  • She rushed back to find that Praxus helmet was gone
  • Alida learned that there were rumors of two undead creatures, possibly Praxus and the Sweeper, wandering old battlefields by night
  • Ivy investigated the letter, which was written in Draconic which she could not read
  • Ivy investigated the large shipment, which led her beneath the center of the city via the sewer system. She discovered a crew was wiring explosives beneath the palace
  • Returning to the airship, they found that Dervish and Zealot were missing
  • Rehia and Ivy infiltrated the sewers and disarmed the bombs right under Dervish’s nose
  • Meanwhile, the party’s careful negotiations paid off as Tevalien marched into the city unopposed
  • During the celebration, Alida checked on Captain Drake and the airship, finding that it had been compromised and was loaded with explosives, headed straight for the palace
  • The party rushed to board the airship
  • Alida and Samos confronted Zealot at the helm, while Rehia and Ivy confronted Dervish in the cargo hold
  • During the fighting, Alida summoned a triceratops to fight Zealot and Ivy managed to wrest Frostburn from Dervish and defeat him with his own weapon
  • The brothers were defeated, and Ivy took Wrath from Dervish’s eye
  • The party decided to let the brothers live and had them imprisoned in Galmion
  • Tevalien was crowned and the drakiarchy was restored


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