The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

Skeletons In the Closet

Praxus Is Released

  • The party decided to capitalize on the death of the most recent Praxus body double and try to fill the now empty throne
  • Reiha sowed lies among the courts that Praxus was at death’s door with illness
  • Alida used scrying to discover the whereabouts and plans of Tevalien, who was currently locked in a stalemate on the plains of Galmion.
  • Ivy infiltrated the palace and overheard some servant girls discussing a large cart being taken down into the basement
  • Ivy investigated the basement, disarmed a number of traps, snuck past a mysterious hooded undead referred to only as The Sweeper
  • Alida used magic to communicate with her party members and brought Samos to reinforce them
  • Reiha trailed Ivy into the basement
  • Ivy found the orignial Praxus, chained in undeath to his throne. He pleaded with her to release him so he could wreak vengeance on Kyrora for betraying him
  • Ivy released him, and he gave the party the choice to serve him or die
  • The party resisted, Praxus magically enslaved The Sweeper, and a battle ensued
  • Samos was killed in the fighting
  • The party defeated Praxus and his minion in a desperate struggle, but the souls of both undead survived
  • Alida raised Samos from the dead and the party recovered
  • Alida contacted Tevalien to alert him that the throne was empty
  • The party began their plan to put Tevalien on the throne


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