The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

The Fall of An Emperor

Praxus is defeated

  • The party sought more information on the whereabouts of Praxus and the Sweeper
  • Hearsay in the logging village led them to a traveling carnival of gypsies
  • The party spoke with the Treespeaker, who revealed that Nicholas Gray was carrying a treasure of great value
  • The Treespeaker also informed them that their enemies were hiding deep in the old hatcheries from before the wars of the Dragon Lords
  • They also met a voodoo shaman, the Skullspeaker—rival to the Treespeaker and a charlatan of ill repute
  • Alida discovered that he was in league with Praxus, and was helping him assemble his army
  • Rehia became embroiled in a pickpocketing competition with some of the gypsy swindlers
  • She won, and received an ornate engagement ring as her prize
  • Alida later spoke with Nicholas and discovered that the ring was his, and he planned on proposing
  • Alida helped him find the courage, and he proposed to Rehia
  • The party found the secret entrance to Praxus’ lair and infiltrated it
  • After a desperate battle, they were victorious and defeated him


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