The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

The Forge

The Architect is restored and the search for the Forge begins

  • The party snuck into the chamber where the heart of the mechanized dragon was left
  • Stole the heart and fled as a clockwork goliath pursued them
  • Returned the heart to the dragon, who turned out to be the Architect himself
  • He explained that he was among the first beings in all the cosmos, and he helped to build all existence
  • Many of his creations had been tainted by man, including the Helm and the Sins
  • He explained that, to destroy the Helm, he needed to restore his Forge, the ancient tools which he used to create his relics
  • The Forge had been stolen by men who were affiliated with the Bandit Kings
  • The party consulted with Golarion, who told them that men from the physical world, Rifters, may have stolen the tools centuries ago
  • The party pooled their knowledge together and decided to search for the Forge in Talanos, capitol of the South Barony
  • They plane shifted there, and ended up 60 miles from the city. They decided to travel there by foot
  • Jordax provided for the group as they made their way across the desert
  • The group encountered a young bard of noble blood, Demetrian Farris, the “extra” heir to a family of financial and commercial status
  • He housed them and told them stories of the brothers Brivern. One of the brothers was a Rifter who stole from beyond the Veil; the other was a knight who stopped him and returned to the relics to their rightful place
  • Alida and Jordax went to gather information in the market. Rehia used her black market connections to learn that there was a big deal going down that evening in the Whisper Gallery beneath the statue of Zurakon, which may involve the sale of Veil artifacts
  • Ivy contacted her old friend, Iravi, to learn that a rogue sect of the Bandits may be behind the theft of the Forge. She also informed her that the Bandit Kings themselves planned to meet at Gaia’s Breath in a fortnight to discuss the future of the Bandits


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