Alida Worldwalker

A free spirit who acts as the party's unofficial leader


Alida is a cleric of Valderai who once spent her days in her garden in Mountainroot, content with her simple life. When the Galmion army attempted to draft her into service, Alida and her friend Jordax fought back, raising a small army of local citizens. Although their unsuccessful rebellion did not put an end to the Galmion king’s warmongering, Alida and Jordax managed to escape into the mountains. It wasn’t long before they stumbled upon a Galmion spy who gave his name as Samos. Though many times afterward Alida would wonder why she decided to let him live, he joined the party first as a hired hand and later as a permanent member. The party later gained new allies in Ivy, a member of the Bandits, and Rehia, the lapsed member of an order dedicated to preserving the keys to the Veilgate.

As a free spirit herself, it took Alida some time to step into the role of “Worldwalker,” but with the freedom of all Mythann at stake, she soon realized that her carefree days were behind her. Before long, Alida found that her name was known throughout Mythann, and the actions of her party would send shockwaves not only in Galmione, but throughout the world, and even beyond the Veil…

With the threat of the Dark Drakes halted and the veil remade, Mythann would look to the Worldwalker for answers, and a leader to guide them. At first, Alida eagerly stepped into this role, seeking to guide the nations toward a new balance in the absence of what had been their greatest threat. Alida fought throughout her lifetime to uphold the drakiarchy that she and her companions had been instrumental in establishing in Galmion. Later in her life, Alida was also a force behind the creation of the “Last Nation,” a society of dragons from throughout Mythann, without country or faction, seeking to protect the younger races on this side of the veil as the Great Dragons had once done from the other side. The headquarters of the Last Nation was established in Alida’s Rock— a town said to be founded at the site of Alida’s hometown of Mountainroot. The town still stands today, its force of dragons standing ready to go where they are needed.

Though Alida took her responsibilities to Mythann seriously, there are gaps in her life’s history. Some tell tales of battles she and Rehia waged against the Sweeper whenever he appeared, though it is said that they failed to ever find the source of his power. It is also said that Alida spent time, whenever she could spare it, visiting a friend in Murlos. Gorgon was already busy rebuilding his network during the Cliff Monk crackdown on some of his usual activities. Although Gorgon claimed to operate fully within the law during this period, some say Alida’s reputation was tarnished by her association with the famed “former” crime lord (not that she much cared). His business empire grew prosperous throughout Alida’s life, and has outlived him as a force in Mythann to this day.

Eventually, Alida disappeared from public life entirely, leaving the next generation to live as it saw fit in the world she and her companions had helped to create. Perhaps she returned to an ordinary, peaceful life, as she always thought she would when she was first driven from Mountainroot all those years ago, but more likely, she went on looking for the next adventure, a freedom seeker to the end.

Alida Worldwalker

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