A free spirit who acts as the party's unofficial leader


Alida is a cleric who used to spend her time sitting in her garden in Mountainroot and giving wise advice to passersby. She now spends most of her time in combat healing Samos or telling party member to get their own band-aid. The pressures of adventuring have caused her to develop fearsome spiritual powers. If you need an expert on “the planes,” Alida is happy to act as the resident know-it-all. Her regular traveling companions include Rehia, Jordax, Samos, and Ivy. Keeping them in line (and alive) keeps her busy enough, but Alida seems to find friends, allies, and new adventures wherever her travels take her.

As a free spirit herself, Alida does not believe in rigid authority, but she usually acts as the party’s de facto leader.


Alida has come a long way since her quiet beginnings in the backwoods town of Mountainroot. When the Galmion army attempted to draft her into service, Alida and her friend Jordax fought back, raising a small army of local citizens.
Although their rebellion did not put an end to the Galmion king’s warmongering, Alida and Jordax escaped into the mountains after making an unsuccessful stand against the army. It wasn’t long before they stumbled upon a Galmion spy who gave his name as Samos. Though many times afterward Alida would wonder why she decided to let him live, he joined the party first as a hired hand and later as a semi-permanent member. The party has since grown to include Ivy and Rehia.


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