Emperor Praxus

The King of Galmion


Praxus seized power in Galmion many years ago in a violent coup. Overthrowing the remnants of the draconic feudal dynasty, he claimed every scrap of power in the kingdom and brought the nation to its knees. He immediately betrayed the officers who had helped him ascend to power. He is always accompanied by his long-time ally and mistress, a mysterious and dangerous woman. Legend says that Praxus is all but immortal, and may in fact be a God in human form—he has sustained impossible injuries in the past, including a bullet fired through his head by his former officer-turned-assassin, Dervish. Praxus is ruthless, cunning, and a tremendous force to be reckoned with.

It was later discovered that the original Praxus in fact died long ago, exchanging his reign as king for a hellish existence as an undead, imprisoned in the belly of his own castle by his treacherous mistress Kyrora. He was later freed, bent on exacting revenge on those who betrayed him.

Praxus (and the curse of the Deathless One) was at last ended when a group of heroes returned the powerful Forge to the hands of the Architect, who used it to destroy the helm. At last, the cycle of tyranny and madness was ended.

Emperor Praxus

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