Ivy Mirran

Bandit Operative


Ivy is kind, open, and honest, but sometimes her pretty face makes it easy to forget that she is a highly trained assassin, spy, and infiltrator, and will always place the mission first—no matter the consequences. She has undergone extensive training via the Bandit Kings secret network, and has operated as one of their field agents for several years. She is lethal with her twin kukris and prefers to talk through her blades rather than her diplomacy skills. She holds loyalty in high esteem, but will sometimes ignore the law if it should conflict with her own ends.


Ivy is an agent for the Bandit Kings. She was Baron Serion’s secret flame, but was assigned to stage his assassination in order to alienate him from the Bandits. Since he could not bring himself to have her executed, he placed a Mark of Justice on her preventing her from returning, and hired the PCs to escort her over the border to the Northern Province. Ivy has a history as a constant pest to Samos, and loves nothing better than to tease him about their training together as Bandits.
When Ivy received her vision from the dragon spirits that her homeland of Varinos was in danger, she and the rest of the party quickly went to its aid. After having her mark of justice removed by the Spire Witch, she returned home with her friends. There she was reunited with Serion, and joined the party in their quest to find the Bandit Kings and bring peace back to Varinos.

After the quest, Serion proposed to Ivy, and a grand wedding ceremony was held a month hence. Unhappily, it was violently interrupted when a piece of the Vailgate burst open, unleashing a fire drake from the alternate plane of the never-ending First War.

Ivy rejoined the team when they assembled to travel to Rukan aboard the Armageddon.


After the creation of the Weave, Ivy left her friends to travel back to Varinos with Serion. At first she was eager to return to her homeland with her beloved, but within a few months she itched for more adventure. She struggled to play the public side of a politician’s wife, and soon returned to the rooftops for nightly escapades. The familiar rooftops and desert landscape reminded her of bygone missions and friendships, and she found herself yearning for one final quest.

After almost six months of nightly antics (which sometimes included the elimination or subduing of Serion’s political rivals), Ivy received a missive from the Bandit Kings. They had assigned her yet another mission, and this mission would take her across the world to Rukan for at least a year. Ivy destroyed the missive in front of Serion. She declared that she was done doing someone else’s dirty business, and that she would see the end of this cycle of allegiance once and for all. Serion tried to ask about her plan to end her ties to the Bandit Kings, but she refused to tell him anything in case she would incriminate him with her plan. Ivy left the next day.

Ivy headed deep into the desert and into the Bandit Kings main training and deployment center. She collected information and supplies, and left without sharing her plan with any other Bandits, regardless of how close the relationships had once been. She had only one goal: find Eden, 1/3 of the legendary Bandit Kings masters, and the specific spymaster of the entire organization. Ivy would find her, sneak into her records, and take anything that pertained to herself. She would go off paper and be nothing but a memory to the Bandit Kings’ ranks.

Her journey took her across most of Mythann. She followed leads up to Durial and down into Galmion, which afforded her the chance to reunite with her adventuring friends along the way. She told them nothing of her personal mission, instead choosing to share other news and hear about their lives and rumors of their allies’ whereabouts, too.

After several more months and more than a few misleads, Ivy finally discovered the whereabouts of Eden’s keep. She knew she could not have found the keep if she had brought anyone else with her, because nothing less than absolute silence could have protected her against detection. She staked out the master, and due to her skills and a healthy amount of pure luck, Ivy was able to reach in and destroy the last bit of leverage tying her to the Bandit Kings.

Some Bandits whisper rumors of one member’s incredible ability to reach in where no person should be able to reach, and how she outplayed the master of subterfuge and guile. Some started rumors that Ivy instead killed Eden and took the mantle of spymaster for herself. Over time, other rumors surfaced regarding the final acts of Ivy Mirran. Some say she returned to Varinos to raise children with her husband, and take over his political duties after his death. Others say she left him for the call of adventure, and joined up with a friend who had long ago relinquished her own title of Erravi. Still others say she left Varinos to return to her birth land of Durial, but none of the rumors were proven correct. Her name and legend persists only among those of the Bandit Kings who moonlight as the great storytellers. Otherwise, the outside world only remembers Ivy as the Bandit Rogue of the World Walkers.

Ivy Mirran

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