Ivy Mirran

Bandit Operative


Ivy is an agent for the Bandit Kings. She was Baron Serion’s secret flame, but was assigned to stage his assassination in order to alienate him from the Bandits. Since he could not bring himself to have her executed, he placed a Mark of Justice on her preventing her from returning, and hired the PCs to escort her over the border to the Northern Province. Ivy has a history as a constant pest to Samos, and loves nothing better than to tease him about their training together as Bandits.
When Ivy received her vision from the dragon spirits that her homeland of Varinos was in danger, she and the rest of the party quickly went to its aid. After having her mark of justice removed by the Spire Witch, she returned home with her friends. There she was reunited with Serion, and joined the party in their quest to find the Bandit Kings and bring peace back to Varinos.

After the quest, Serion proposed to Ivy, and a grand wedding ceremony was held a month hence. Unhappily, it was violently interrupted when a piece of the Vailgate burst open, unleashing a fire drake from the alternate plane of the never-ending First War.

Ivy is kind, open, and honest, but sometimes her pretty face makes it easy to forget that she is a highly trained assassin, spy, and infiltrator, and will always place the mission first—no matter the consequences. She is constantly glancing over her shoulder towards her past and her homeland.

Ivy rejoined the team when they assembled to travel to Rukan aboard the Armageddon.

Ivy Mirran

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