The Black Dark Drake


Nemesu is known in myth and legend as “Nemesu the Fallen.” He was once among the Guardian Drakes, but he betrayed them and handed them over to their enemies. Nemesu stole the keys to the Veilgate (at that time known as the Seven Virtues) and poured his vile spirit into them, corrupting them and transforming them into the Seven Sins.

At that moment, Nemesu’s golden scales were stained with an inky black. He fought against his brother, Gamael the Gold Drake in the monumental battle that would seal off the First War forever. Slain at the hand of his brother, he was cast from the material world to wage war beyond the Veil. Even still, his presence can be felt in both worlds, and his immense power is a force that no mortal would dare trifle with.


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