The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

Seeking Answers
Consulting the Cliff Monks

Took the dagger to a Cliff Monk monastery
Spoke to master Jensu
He told them of an ancient site where they could learn more
Traveled to the site
Placed the dagger on the central pedestal
Heard the voices of the Dragon Lords
The Dragon Lords told them of the First War
Told them of the Veilgate
Told them that since destiny had chosen them, they must choose their destiny
Hinted that Ivy and Samos’ home was in danger
Returned to the monastery to consult the seer
Told them of a prophesy involving Varinos
Party decided to teleport there
First must break Ivy’s curse
Found out about a dangerous witch in the mountains that can break the curse
Decided to seek this witch

A Warm Welcome
The party arrives in Murlos

Continued along the Agamath River
Managed to evade Galmione patrols
Scuttled the Lucky Lass and continued to Oakwood on foot
Navigated through the forest
Heard the sounds of a nearby battle
Found a trade wagon under attack by lizardfolk
Killed most of the lizardfolk and saved the traders
The lizardfolk were trying to steal a small box
Their leader, Lorenzo, was indignant to their aid
Lorenzo demanded the box, but the party refused
Took the box and traveled to Oakwood
Asked Nubbins the dwarven alchemist if he knew anything about it
He explained it might be a dwarven weapon from Vestri
Were later followed by a cloaked creature
Stayed the night at an inn
In the morning, the same creature was watching them
Alida disguised herself as a dark creeper and joined the dark folk
The dark folk attacked the party under the cover of Deeper Darkness
Samos was gravely injured before Lorenzo called off the dark folk
Lorenzo took Samos to his mansion
Threatened to kill him if he didn’t have the box by nightfall
Alida infiltrated the mansion in disguise
Jordax, Drake, and Ivy went to the forest to bribe some lizardfolk
They convinced the tribe to attack Lorenzo’s mansion for the box
Alida created a diversion to steal Lorenzo’s keys and free Samos
When the lizardfolk attacked, they escaped
Decided to open the box
Found nothing inside
In a secret compartment, found a small dagger
It radiated evil, and had the word “Envy” inscribed into the handle in Draconic
Decided to take it to the monastery to consult the cliff monks
Left town and arrived at the monastery

Over the Puddle
The Blackedned Cathedral and Galamal's Lake

Continued towards Galamal’s Lake
Decided to go across to Murlos
Arrived at a cathedral in a burnt clearing
Identified as the Blackened Cathedral, which was razed years ago
Explored it and found two gargoyles living there
Tried to reason with them, but they attacked
Killed one gargoyle, and the other escaped
Stayed the night in the cathedral
Got the feeling of being watched
The next day, the gargoyle returned, talking about a “crazy lady”
Stayed another night to try to draw out whoever was following
Heard a woman’s laughter late that night
Confronted and attacked by the assassin, Widow
Easily defeated and killed her
The next day, continued to a small dock on the lake
Spoke to a barkeep about finding a captain; he suggested two
Went to find Captain Drake at the gambling hall
Played a few hands of cards with him and convinced him to take them
His ship, the Lucky Lass, is a beat up luxury yacht
At one point, questioned by a Galmione patrol boat
Later, attacked by a swarm of giant leeches
Lost one of the sailors in the battle
Held a funeral service and an after party
Finally saw the border of Murlos ahead, and the city of Greyport.

His True Colors
The prison break in Valhaem

Decided to head towards the Bonedrinker Jungle
Searched for nearly a week to find a pass through the mountains
Jordax shifted into a bird to gain a better view
Found the pass that leads to the holy city of Valhaem
Planned to take the pass towards Galamal’s Lake
The party began suffering from jungle diseases
Cornelius was especially affected, almost dying
Ishmuck was wary of entering the city because they had begun hunting ogres
Questioned at the gates by Galmione forces stationed in Valhaem
To distract the guards, told Cornelius to make a scene about his illness
Ishmuck entered the city during the distraction
Jordax and Alida were arrested on the charges of treason and inciting rebellion
The guard captain told them there was an anonymous informant
Locked up in a Galmione prison
Got word out to Ivy to spring them loose
Ivy and Samos infiltrated the prison and freed them
Found and freed an ogre prisoner, Beard-Ishmuck (Ishmuck’s grandfather)
Fought their way free of the prison
Once free, went to find Cornelius
Found him at the healing grounds of the temple
Learned about the Dragon Lords and the Seven Sins from one of the priests
Questioned the whole party under a zone of truth
Found out that Samos had been tipping off authorities for cash
He hadn’t expected the law to actually keep up with them
Also found out the prophesies Samos and Ivy heard
Samos heard “Some prices cannot be paid”
Ivy heard “Home is never as we remember it”
Samos admitted that he needed the party to survive, even if they didn’t pay him
He revealed that an assassin was on their heels
Decided to keep their original course and investigate the tombs in the jungle
Tricked the guards at the gate with disguises
Left Valhaem behind them

The adventure into Valkiri

Continued traveling towards the Drakefang Mountains
Spotted something in the trees
Approached by a band of elvish tribesmen
Managed to express a desire to trade with them
Taken back to their village
Spoke with the village shaman
The crystal serpent in their possession crawled onto the woman’s scepter
She explained it was a piece of an artifact that protected the ancient city of Valkiri
Valkiri was built on the grave of Behamut, a mighty evil dragon
His son, Krenshar, took revenge by stealing the scepter and hiding its pieces
Since then, a curse had fallen on Valkiri. Crops died, and the dead walked the earth
The serpent gave prophesied warnings to the party, but they were incomplete
The party was told they had to complete the scepter to learn their destinies
The party traveled to Valkiri
Came to a long rope bridge and encountered swarms of zombie bats
Defeated the bats and escaped the collapsing bridge
Decided to journey through the empty canal towards the temple
Ambushed by a group of zombies
When Alida channeled energy at the undead, she noticed the scepter pointed northwest
Followed the scepter to the poor district
Fought many undead amongst the huts
Found the other serpent piece on the body of the shaman’s apprentice
Now needed only the crystal, which Krenshar still had with him
Made their way to the temple
Were attacked by Krenshar, but he too had fallen victim to the curse and was an undead
After a desperate battle, they slew the creature
Took the crystal embedded in his chest
Restored the scepter to the temple, breaking the curse
Each person saw a different vision
Alida hear “A wolf on a leash is still a wolf”
Jordax heard “A king’s grudge is never too small”
The party left the temple and returned to the village, and were rewarded for their deeds

Into the Unknown
The party ventures into Durial

The party shopped for new equipment
Sir Rupert asked for Krissa’s hand in marriage
The party agreed to stay in town for a few weeks
After the wedding, the party decided to explore the northern jungles
Journeyed to the northern border of Varinos
Traveled through the jungle for a day
Encountered an ogre named Ishmuck harassing a rich traveler
Negotiated with the ogre, convincing him to release the man and his goat
The man introduced himself as Cornelius Ducarr, an “intrepid explorer” from Galmion
Agreed to help the ogre hunt for a new goat to eat
They found a two-headed goat in a clearing, and Ishmuck smashed it
Stumbled upon a massive ruined temple
Decided to explore it
Alida identified the temple as one of the oldest in the region
Alida translated the inscription, identifying it as “The Temple of Many Mouths”
Samos saved Alida from a nasty fall off a walkway
Alida, Cornelius, Pistachio, Samos, and Ivy fell victim to a hidden pit trap
Those caught in the pit were attacked by a gigantic spider
Jordax spider-climbed down to join the fight, while Ishmuck jumped down with Sophia
After killing the spider, the party climbed back out
The party found a wand of cure light wounds on a pedestal
Bypassed a flame trap and took the wand, then continued
Reached the inner sanctum, and were attacked by a hydra
A desperate battle ensued, with Samos and Ivy both falling multiple times
With Alida’s healing and Jordax’s flame blade, they eventually bested the monster
Found a crystal snake statue at the center of the sanctum
Ivy found a trap rigged to flood out the entire room
Used a rope to safely retrieve the treasure, then left the temple with their new allies

The Tale of Three Brothers
The adventure in Redbrush

Arrived in Redbrush
Jasper and Krissa went out on the town
Alida knew the history of the town
Three brothers in charge, who had fought a crusade in the region
Met the three brothers: Captain Dane, Sir Murdoc, and Sir Rupert
Learned that free men were being replaced by slaves
Met a wandering gnome performer, Merrik, and his band
Gnoll raiders attacked during the harvest festival
Repelled the attack
Learned that the gnolls only kidnap the free workers
A contact told them about men smuggling goods into the desert
Staked out and followed the smugglers
Detected; learn that Sir Rupert is behind the smuggling
He explained he is placating the gnolls
Eavesdropped at Captain Dane’s room
Heard a voice talking to him, claiming to be his dead father
Used illusions to trick him into confessing his actions
Alida felt something trying to enchant her
Later sent Ivy to sneak into Sir Murdoc’s room
She was mysteriously injured, and Sir Murdoc awoke
Ivy was locked up in the stockades
Jordax assessed the wound, finding a poison sting on her neck
The party went to sleep, planning to investigate further in the morning
Advised Ivy to escape; she broke out and disappeared
Sir Rupert promised to accompany and aid them
The party continued spying on Sir Murdoc
Broke into his room and found strange writings in his desk
They stole the papers, planning to translate them later
Sophia smelled something alive in the room
The party attacked an invisible creature, but it escaped
Sir Murdoc returned to his room, finding his papers disturbed
Jordax tried to spy through the window, but was caught
Jasper rescued her with his fast talking
Samos continued to spy, finding that Sir Murdoc was talking to someone
Alida translated the papers, finding that they reference someone named Quannel
Asked the local priest about Quannel
He told them that Quannel is a folktale character, the trickster
Went to spy again on Captain Dane, and found him talking to his father again
Burst into the room and sensed the same invisible creature
Samos subdued Captain Dane while Jasper and Sir Rupert held back the guards
Alida, Jordax, and Sophia fought the invisible creature
The creature revealed itself as an imp
They killed the imp and showed Dane the truth
Went to confront Sir Murdoc for consorting with the imp
He drew on them and fought to the death
Dane resigned, leaving the town to Rupert, and offered the party a reward
Wrap-up to follow at the start of the next session!

The Story So Far...

Heard about impending draft in Mountainroot (hometown)
Organized a rebellion against recruiters
Jasper Boot sided with their cause, but Ruben Regale and his followers joined the Galmione Army
Had two confrontations with recruiters in the pass, repelled them
Captured soldier Dirk Farren and helped send a message to his family
Scouted the enemy forces, found out that a massive attack was imminent
Led a band of refugees into the mountains toward Varinos
Found an entrance to the drow catacombs
Defeated a choker, the ghoul’s riddle, a water pit trap and the restless skeletons
Captured Samos, a scout for the Galmione forces
Hired Samos as a mercenary and guide
Journeyed through the underground highway
Traveled across the desert
Entered Iskiri, capital of the Western Barony
Happened upon a slave auction, where they found that Krissa Boot had become enslaved by the ruthless dwarf gangster, Murtha
Samos is spooked by a young beggar child who seems to know him
Convinced Murtha to agree to sell Krissa
Jasper loses temper and attacks Murtha
Evaded Murtha and got away with Krissa
Rented a room at the local inn
Requested audience with Baron Serion to accommodate the refugees
At the dinner party with Serion, witnessed an assassination attempt
Captured assassin
Interrogated assassin and questioned Serion
Found out about the Bandit Kings, the assassin’s identity (Ivy Mirran), and her romantic connection to Serion
Agreed to help Serion sneak Ivy out of the Barony into exile
Learned of Ivy and Samos’ history together with the Bandits
Traveled for a long distance across the desert
Encountered and slew a dire hyena
Made it safely across the border to the city of Redbrush in the Northern Province


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