The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

A Raven Snared
The Primordial Drakes Choose Hosts

Having found out about Krissa’s disappearance, looked for a place to stay
A chimney sweep told them about the Branson Manor
Received by Marcus Bransen for dinner even after Reah tried to steal from them
Brought up the subject of the primordial drakes
Eventually revealed the Sins in their possessions
Marcus revealed himself as a Raven captain
Took the party to a Raven HQ to discuss the matter
Alida divined the place where the drakes would meet—a huge black door
She prophesied a raven would be pulled into the dark
Nicholas Gray was sent with a team to investigate the matter
Alida went to speak with Cassandra while Reah followed Nicholas
Alida continued to divine, finding too late that Nicholas would be taken by the drake
Reah and Nicholas investigated warehouses in the border districts
Samos and Alida rushed to aid Nicholas, arriving just as he was taken
Reah followed him into the dark
Within the warehouse, Nicholas nearly convinced Reah to join him
Alida and Samos rushed in to confront Nicholas, and Krissa arrived to help them
In a moment of control, Nicholas told Reah to kill him
She struck him, and the party fought and subdued him
They took him prisoner back to the Raven HQ
They arranged an audience with the queen about Nicholas’ fate
She received them openly and offered them counsel to speak to the Dragon Lords
They used the throne room to commune with all the Guardian Drakes
Based on their collective wisdom, they found out that they could go to the Vestri temple where the Veil was cast
The drake could be released and slain there
The queen gave them an amulet that could contain the drake within Nicholas
They set out with two other Ravens, Brock and Darren
Jasper contacted the party to tell them he was on his way with the help of a traveling noblewoman
They met him at a bridge along the trail through the mountains
It turned out that the noblewoman was Jadice, hungry for power and revenge
With her powerful magic, she killed Darren and Brock, casting the party into the chasm
Alida tricked her into believing that Darren was slain and she now possessed the Drake
Set out to confront and defeat Jadice at the temple
Fought Jadice and defeated her
Freed Krissa and Nicholas from the Drakes

The Two Drakes
Tracking the primal drake

Mourned the disappearance of Jordax
Found trail of death leading from the portal
Realized that something escaped the Veilgate
Found the trail leads to the capital, Notay Orimin
Found a mage to teleport them there
Spoke to mages in the city
Reah visited a bar to do some pickpocketing
Met Nicholas Gray of the Order of the Falcon, Vestri’s benevolent secret police
Eventually found a temple dedicated to the balance of the drakes
Alida spoketo the head priestess, Cassandra
She said that the Veilgate demands balance
For the dark drake that escaped, a guardian must have appeared as well
Alida divined that the drakes must bond with a human to remain on the material plane
She divined the guardian drake would bond to an old friend
Sent a message to Jasper
Found out that Krissa had mysteriously disappeared

The Wilderness
The arrival in Vestri

Regrouped after drug bust
Interrupted Serion’s wedding night to ask for a teleport
Transported to Vestri via a disgruntled court magician
Found themselves in the territory of a large creature
Set out towards Brassbriar
On the way, found an enormous trap set in the woods
Reah spotted a dwarf hiding by the trap
A huge “walking dragon” emerged and attacked them
Alida was eaten, but the party defeated the dinosaur
The dwarf introduced himself as Brock
Agreed to share the kill and to guide them back to town
Went to the bath house and met Cecelia
In return for coats and information, she asked that they tell her their stories
She pointed them towards the mining HQ of Fort Dawn
They traveled there and found it in flames
Learned Lorenzo had been there and ignited one of the powder magazines
Tried unsuccessfully to interrogate a dark slayer
Set out after Lorenzo and Oni
Attacked by a vanguard of slayers led by Oni
Oni gravely wounded Reah before fleeing
Saw an explosion of light in the distance, and realized it may be too late

Through the Looking Glass
Closing Gluttony's Rift

Found Lorenzo at the rift and saw it suck him in
Defeated the dark folk guarding the rift
Tied a rope to a tree and used it to cross the rift
Found themselves in the Veil
In the parallel world, the temple was still intact
Reah painstakingly opened the steam-powered lock
Entered the temple and found a huge statue
Aimed light beams to awaken the statue
It warned them to find Gluttony before it reached Fort Dawn
The statue revealed itself as the consciousness of Dreiamir, the silver Guardian Drake
Told them that the First War must be contained behind the Veilgate for centuries more
Gave them a vision of a massive metropolis ablaze, with the sky falling all around them
Set out to track Oni
Found him in the company of sentient half-fiend skeletons
Oni had taken Lorenzo prisoner
Oni executed his former master with a shot from Gluttony, a magic pistol
Ambushed Oni and his allies
Alida dueled Oni while Reah snuck around behind
Jordax, Samos and Sophia battled the undead with Rebecca’s summoned ankylosaur
Alida used true seeing to thwart Oni’s shadows
Reah stole Gluttony and tried to pass it to Alida
Alida fumbled gluttony, but blasted Oni with searing light and struck him down single-handed
Mopped up the undead and retrieved Gluttony
Retreated towards the closing rift
Jordax held the rope steady so the others could escape
As the portal was about to explode, Alida closed it with Gluttony
Jordax was trapped behind the Veilgate
With a tainted victory at the loss of their friend, the party took Gluttony into their hands

Unions and Reunions
The Seven Sins Awake

Returned to Iskiri
Reported back to Serion
He offered each of them a favor of their choosing
Went to the Blue Griffin to celebrate
Met up with city watch friends
Learned that Samos’ old rival, Razor, was in town
Spotted by Reah, the elven pickpocket
Reah attempted to follow them home, but was detected
Next day, found out Ivy and Serion are engaged
Invited to the wedding in one month
Meanwhile, Alida and Samos researched the Seven Sins
Found out about sites of power throughout Mythann
Learned that the Sins can open and seal the Vailgate
The day of the wedding arrived
Interrupted when Samos drew the dagger of Envy on Serion
Stopped Samos
Envy tore a hole in the Vailgate
A fire drake emerged through the rift
Defeated the fire drake with Reah;s help
Reah closed the rift with Envy
All decided to set out to strengthen the Vailgate
Alida divined that they must seek an old enemy to find Gluttony by three days hence
Realized they needed to find Oni to find the breach in the Vailgate
Asked around town for information on Lorenzo
Found that a gangster named Big Sam may have information
Went to Big Sam’s shady deal at midnight
Caught by Sam; followed him to the new meetup
The buyer turned out to be Murtha the slave trader
Leah lost her will to Greed and grabbed for the drugs
In the ensuing fight, Leah was drugged, Murtha was killed, and Sam was captured
Questioned Sam, finding that Lorenzo and Oni were in Vestri

The Enemy of my Enemy
Meeting the Bandit Kings

Went to the Bandits’ secret hideout
Spoke with Cyrus, Eden, and Kaine, the Bandit Kings
Found that Samos had been banished into a deadly valley
Followed and rescued him from the control of a naga
Returned to the Bandits
Asked how to reconcile them with Serion
Told to end the gnoll threat to apease both sides
Journeyed to Redbrush to seek Sir Rupert’s advice
Reunited with Jasper and Krissa
Told them that the gnoll technology was human made
Located the gnoll base
Found that Captain Dane had been helping the gnolls
Defeated him and the gnoll leader

Memory and Madness
The Witch's Tower

Journeyed to witch’s canyon
Came across small cottage
Found signs it was currently inhabited
Revealed illusion; it had been in ruins for some time
Encountered and defeated a hateful specter
Found witch’s tower
Witch invited the group to dinner
Eventually turned on them
Fought and defeated the witch
In defeat, she regained her lost sanity
Witch lifted Ivy’s curse, then threw herself from the tower
Party returned to the monastery to return to Varinos

Back to the Sands
The Return to Varinos

Teleported outside of Iskiri
Journeyed along the river towards the city
Encountered a group of traders beset by gnolls
Defeated the gnolls and rescued the traders
They told them that monsters had overrun the countryside
Journeyed to Iskiri
Alida had to forge papers to grant entry
Heard that Jadice, one of Serion’s advisers, had become the face of the government
Jadice was scheduled to give a speech that afternoon
She announced that a Bandit spy was to be executed at dawn
Alida spoke to a guard captain to meet later at the Blue Griffin
Met with the guard; organized a drunken march on the palace
Meanwhile, Jordax infiltrated the palace
Palace guards dispersed the rioters and took Alida and Ivy inside
Samos slipped away in the confusion
Jordax found Serion and gained access to his quarters by disguising herself as a cat
Jordax found out about Serion’s new war against the Bandits
Went with Serion and his bodyguard to the dungeon
Met up with Alida and Ivy
Revealed Ivy to Serion
Serion sent the group to find the Bandit Kings
Tried to track down Samos
Tracked him to his former lover’s home
Found signs of a struggle
His captors must have taken him into the desert
Set out to rescue Samos from the Bandits

Seeking Answers
Consulting the Cliff Monks

Took the dagger to a Cliff Monk monastery
Spoke to master Jensu
He told them of an ancient site where they could learn more
Traveled to the site
Placed the dagger on the central pedestal
Heard the voices of the Dragon Lords
The Dragon Lords told them of the First War
Told them of the Veilgate
Told them that since destiny had chosen them, they must choose their destiny
Hinted that Ivy and Samos’ home was in danger
Returned to the monastery to consult the seer
Told them of a prophesy involving Varinos
Party decided to teleport there
First must break Ivy’s curse
Found out about a dangerous witch in the mountains that can break the curse
Decided to seek this witch

A Warm Welcome
The party arrives in Murlos

Continued along the Agamath River
Managed to evade Galmione patrols
Scuttled the Lucky Lass and continued to Oakwood on foot
Navigated through the forest
Heard the sounds of a nearby battle
Found a trade wagon under attack by lizardfolk
Killed most of the lizardfolk and saved the traders
The lizardfolk were trying to steal a small box
Their leader, Lorenzo, was indignant to their aid
Lorenzo demanded the box, but the party refused
Took the box and traveled to Oakwood
Asked Nubbins the dwarven alchemist if he knew anything about it
He explained it might be a dwarven weapon from Vestri
Were later followed by a cloaked creature
Stayed the night at an inn
In the morning, the same creature was watching them
Alida disguised herself as a dark creeper and joined the dark folk
The dark folk attacked the party under the cover of Deeper Darkness
Samos was gravely injured before Lorenzo called off the dark folk
Lorenzo took Samos to his mansion
Threatened to kill him if he didn’t have the box by nightfall
Alida infiltrated the mansion in disguise
Jordax, Drake, and Ivy went to the forest to bribe some lizardfolk
They convinced the tribe to attack Lorenzo’s mansion for the box
Alida created a diversion to steal Lorenzo’s keys and free Samos
When the lizardfolk attacked, they escaped
Decided to open the box
Found nothing inside
In a secret compartment, found a small dagger
It radiated evil, and had the word “Envy” inscribed into the handle in Draconic
Decided to take it to the monastery to consult the cliff monks
Left town and arrived at the monastery


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