The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

A Glimpse Beyond
The Veil Torn In Durial
  • The party regrouped and resupplied after defeating the Sweeper
  • Thomas’ family rewarded the party with a family heirloom—a dragonbane crossbow
  • Gryphero delivered a secret letter to Alida late at night. It was from Kyrora herself
  • Kyrora was seeking aid and called a meeting at the well the following night at midnight
  • The party deliberated, and Alida communed with Valderai to determine their course of action
  • Valderai revealed that Krawna, the white Dark Drake, may be loose in their world
  • The party contacted the Brain Breaker and asked him to help contain Kyrora; he agreed
  • When the party met with Kyrora, she revealed that her father Nemesu had put a price on her head and planned to drag her back beyond the Veil to an unknown fate. She sought an alliance against Krawna, their common enemy
  • Rehia distracted the succubus while Ivy bound her in dimensional shackles; they tossed her into the well to be taken away by the Brain Breaker
  • The party decided to go to Rehia’s home in Durial. They received Tevalien’s blessing and a company of men to escort them
  • While flying towards the monastery aboard the airship, Rehia and Nicholas Gray realized the entire surrounding jungle had been frozen
  • They encountered an outlying watchtower of Rehia’s order; the men stationed there reported that there had been a great cataclysm and a storm that had frozen the jungle around the monastery
  • The party made a stealthy approach on foot, and encountered Krawna himself who had sensed the Sins and come to challenge them
  • Krawna summoned two ice giants against them
  • Defeating the giants, the party made their way into the monastery via a secret passage Rehia remembered from her youth
  • They encountered and subdued a guard
  • The party split up; Rehia went with Nicholas to rescue her parents, while Alida, Ivy, and Samos went to the inner sanctum to find the rift in the Veil
  • Rehia released her parents and began setting the rest of the captives free
  • Alida’s group encountered three dragon priests and their liege, an adult white dragon
  • Ivy snuck past them to get a flanking position, and found the rift in a chamber below
  • The group attacked and defeated the dragon and his minions, with Ivy ambushing them and taking down the dragon almost single-handedly
  • The party managed to seal the rift, causing an explosion that destroyed the sanctum
  • Krawna swooped down from above, ready to destroy them. The party used magic to escape and regroup
Ghost Stories
The Showdown With the Sweeper
  • The party regrouped after the revolution at Citadom
  • Reiha and Ivy went into town to gather supplies and find the means to securing Kyrora to the material plane, should they encounter her again
  • Meanwhile, Alida went back to the library to visit the Lorekeeper, Gryphero
  • Gryphero revealed that Praxus and Kyrora had discovered the Helm of the Conqueror in the old hatchery, which was used as a base during their insurgency
  • He told her that the helm was not a Sin, but it was just as old. It had belonged to the first Galmion emperor, and it held the collective consciousness of all the conquerors who had come before
  • Alida learned that her hometown of Mountainroot had been rebuilt and named “Alida’s Rock” in her honor
  • She convinced Gryphero to join their cause, and to become her new cohort
  • Gryphero revealed the possible locations of the final two sins. Pride was infused in a spear somewhere in the East, and Sloth resided within a war hammer somewhere in Murlos
  • Rehia and Ivy met a surly dwarf wizard in town who offered to give them the code word to deactivate the traps in a competitor’s shop
  • That night, they used the code word to sneak in and steal dimensional shackles to keep Kyrora from teleporting
  • Rehia also found a mirror that looked valuable, which she also took
  • Alida asked Captain Drake about Pride, and he told her a wild first-hand account of witnessing it go down with a sea captain off the coast of Korth
  • Alida communed with Valderai to seek answers on what to do next
  • Valderai revealed that Kyrora was not seeking direct power, and would not likely attempt a takeover. In fact, her own demon kind and even her own father, Nemesu, had put a price on her head
  • Valderai told her that Pride was not in fact at the bottom of the ocean. He revealed that Sloth was in the hands of dwarven gangsters in Murlos, and to seek Jasper Boot’s aid in finding it
  • Valderai also revealed that Reiha’s family and home village were not safe
  • Later, Rehia found herself feeling uncharacteristically generous, handing out gold to beggars without pause
  • Investigating, she found out that the mirror she took was cursed, and she could not compel herself to get rid of it
  • The party decided to investigate stories of two grave-robbing undead which were haunting the battlefields of Galmion
  • They ventured to the old logging town of Hillbriar, where a great battle had taken place in Praxus insurgency
  • They learned from the war veteran Hank that townspeople had been disappearing into the mill
  • They explored the mill and found the Sweeper, along with a horde of undead
  • In a desperate struggle, they defeated the Sweeper and rescued a village boy who had been ensorcelled to lure townspeople to the lich
The Party Brings Down the Galmion Regime
  • After being raised from the dead, Samos left without a word. Worried, the party tracked him down to an old dive bar where he confessed to his old bartender friend that he saw no impact in his life after his passing
  • The party rallied to support him, and he returned to his normal unpleasant demeanor
  • There was panic in the court as rumors that Praxus is really gone take root
  • The party held council with Samos, Nicholas Gray, Dervish, and Zealot
  • They decided that they wanted to try to ensure the transition of power without bloodshed. Dervish was not happy with the decision and stormed off
  • Rehia spread the word convincing the populace that Praxus had fallen for good
  • Ivy had her contacts in the Bandits spread the word. She found out from one of her sources that someone had been sending secret letters out of the city, and the past night someone shipped large wagons full of heavy cargo into the city
  • Alida tried to scry on Kyrora, to no avail. She sought more information at the library and talked with a veteran of Praxus’ war for the throne
  • He showed her books about “”/wikis/the-deathless-one" class=“wiki-page-link”> the Deathless One," an emperor who looked exactly like Praxus that had ruled Galmion for centuries long ago—in all of the stories, he was wearing Praxus helmet
  • She rushed back to find that Praxus helmet was gone
  • Alida learned that there were rumors of two undead creatures, possibly Praxus and the Sweeper, wandering old battlefields by night
  • Ivy investigated the letter, which was written in Draconic which she could not read
  • Ivy investigated the large shipment, which led her beneath the center of the city via the sewer system. She discovered a crew was wiring explosives beneath the palace
  • Returning to the airship, they found that Dervish and Zealot were missing
  • Rehia and Ivy infiltrated the sewers and disarmed the bombs right under Dervish’s nose
  • Meanwhile, the party’s careful negotiations paid off as Tevalien marched into the city unopposed
  • During the celebration, Alida checked on Captain Drake and the airship, finding that it had been compromised and was loaded with explosives, headed straight for the palace
  • The party rushed to board the airship
  • Alida and Samos confronted Zealot at the helm, while Rehia and Ivy confronted Dervish in the cargo hold
  • During the fighting, Alida summoned a triceratops to fight Zealot and Ivy managed to wrest Frostburn from Dervish and defeat him with his own weapon
  • The brothers were defeated, and Ivy took Wrath from Dervish’s eye
  • The party decided to let the brothers live and had them imprisoned in Galmion
  • Tevalien was crowned and the drakiarchy was restored
Skeletons In the Closet
Praxus Is Released
  • The party decided to capitalize on the death of the most recent Praxus body double and try to fill the now empty throne
  • Reiha sowed lies among the courts that Praxus was at death’s door with illness
  • Alida used scrying to discover the whereabouts and plans of Tevalien, who was currently locked in a stalemate on the plains of Galmion.
  • Ivy infiltrated the palace and overheard some servant girls discussing a large cart being taken down into the basement
  • Ivy investigated the basement, disarmed a number of traps, snuck past a mysterious hooded undead referred to only as The Sweeper
  • Alida used magic to communicate with her party members and brought Samos to reinforce them
  • Reiha trailed Ivy into the basement
  • Ivy found the orignial Praxus, chained in undeath to his throne. He pleaded with her to release him so he could wreak vengeance on Kyrora for betraying him
  • Ivy released him, and he gave the party the choice to serve him or die
  • The party resisted, Praxus magically enslaved The Sweeper, and a battle ensued
  • Samos was killed in the fighting
  • The party defeated Praxus and his minion in a desperate struggle, but the souls of both undead survived
  • Alida raised Samos from the dead and the party recovered
  • Alida contacted Tevalien to alert him that the throne was empty
  • The party began their plan to put Tevalien on the throne
Immortality and Vice
  • The party developed a plan to infiltrate the inner keep of Citadom
    *Ivy discovered that multiple handmaidens of Kyrora were going missing
    *Reah disguised herself as a handmaiden to gain entry
    *Ivy used stealth to sneak into the keep
    *Alida used magic to scry on Kyrora, and found a mysterious locked chest in her chambers
    *Alida used magic to infiltrate Kyrora’s chambers, where she found a scroll
    *Although she couldn’t read it, she destroyed it by breaking the enchantment on it
    *Praxus had a violent reaction to the destruction of the scroll
    *The party learned that Praxus may not in fact be immortal, but has been replaced by multiple copies each time he is killed
    *Reah was forced to kill a handmaiden in cold blood to stay in Kyrora’s good faith
    *Ivy was discovered by Kyrora as she snuck around the castle
    *The party decided to lure Kyrora to them using the Sins
    *It was revealed that Kyrora is a half-dragon succubus
    *Fought against Kyrora and her minions and took Lust from her, but she escaped
Of Dragons and Demons
  • The PCs decided to head towards the settlements on their way to Citadom
  • Came across a large town, a hub of the infamous Festival of Blood commemorating Praxus’ rise to power
  • Asked around to find out about the festivities
  • Learned of gladiatorial games, a feast, and an ancient Veil temple outside of town
  • Samos went to the games to slaughter some goblins
  • Alida began scrying each day to learn more about Praxus and his mistress
  • Rehia mingled with the nobility to learn more
  • Through scrying, Alida learned that Praxus’ mistress, Kyrora had secrets of her own
  • She witnessed her writing letters to her father about a plot against Praxus
  • She saw her speaking of the great final offensive for Galmion, and of a site of power in the Rukane capital which would allow her to open the Veilgate and be reunited with her father
  • At the feast, the PCs ran into an old “friend”—Ruben Regale, now promoted to a commander
  • He urged the PCs to leave, and expressed that although he was ashamed of his actions he did not regret them
  • Ruben agreed to meet the PCs at the Twisted Tongue gambling den after the feast
  • All of the PCs heard a “voice” in their heads, calling itself “the last King ”/wikis/galmion" class=“wiki-page-link”> Galmion would ever need."
  • The voice knew of their past in Mountainroot, and of their intentions in Galmion
  • Kyrora and Praxus made an appearance before the crowd, but made no move to expose them
  • Rehia met a foolish young noble, who might be able to grant passage into Citadom
  • The PCs met with Ruben after the feast, and he explained more about Praxus and Kyrora
  • Both of them rose to power with little royal blood
  • Neither has ever betrayed the other
  • Ruben had seen many “successful” assassination attempts on Praxus, but the man survived each one despite impossible injuries
  • He spoke of dragon commanders on both sides, particularly Kelset, a Black Drake and Tevalien, a Gold Drake
  • Both would have a right to the throne if Praxus were ousted
  • Rehia started a bar fight, which led to a quick retreat from the gambling den
  • Rehia wanted to stay out on the town, but Jordax forcefully “persuaded” her to stay
  • Ivy delivered her report back to to Alida, stating that she had led an assassination attempt in Praxus’ early days as Emperor, but was unsuccessful
  • She would continue to have eyes and ears open in the city
  • She offered to sneak in anyone who couldn’t enter by the front door
  • Captain Drake had also learned of the dragon commanders eligible for the throne
  • It was decided that he would lead a team to Rukan to meet with Tevalien
  • Ivy had Alida deliver a message to Serion, who was dealing with pressures both from the other Baronies and from Galmion, especially with the Bandits spread so thin throughout Mythann
  • Rehia and Nicholas shared a moment after he bought her an expensive necklace in town
  • The following night, the PCs accompanied Rehia to meet with the noble she met at the feast
  • He took them to see the site of power outside of town, but something felt amiss
  • The same voice spoke to them, demanding that they hand over the sins
  • The voice told them that the Veil brought division, and denied them the freedom they had fought for since Mountainroot
  • Unable to decide, the PCs disagreed about what to do
  • The voice withdrew, but called a dark servant from the abyss to confront the heroes
A Twisted Mind
Confronting the Brain Breaker and returning to Galmion
  • The PCs held a meeting to decide how to assassinate Praxus
  • Decided to take the ship directly up the mouth of the river
  • Needed to find a replacement leader to take the throne
  • Decided a dragon would be the best choice
  • Possibility of finding a dragon descended from the Guardian Drakes among the military
  • Learned that the upcoming Blood Festival in Citadom may be an opportune time
  • Learned that Praxus may be almost immortal
  • Alida used “scry” to spy on Praxus and his mistress
  • They spoke of a final offensive, Praxus’ immortality, and his desire to give her immortality as well
  • Approached the River Garrison
  • Confronted by its overseer, a Naga called the Brain Breaker
  • He invited them to dinner to “discuss” their passage into Galmion
  • Had his guards attack the PCs for his amusement
  • The PCs killed his men, and he was so entertained he let them into the country
  • Next time: the PCs plan to invade and get close to the king
The Deal is Struck
The Hostage Crisis in Notay Orimin

Left Valderai’s vault
Nicholas realized a month had passed since they entered
Found a letter from Dervish, sealed with a Rukane seal
He offered an alliance to the end of killing the Galmione king, Praxus
Alida magically transported the party back to Notay Orimin
Found the city in crisis
Questioning revealed that orcs had been given advanced weapons
The orcs had stormed the central palace and taken Queen Saria and several councilmen hostage
Marcus had gone in after them, but hadn’t returned
Alida and Samos entered through the front gate of the palace to parley
Rehia and Nicholas sneaked through the sewage pipes inside to the map room
Alida spoke with Zealot, Dervish’s brother
She agreed to an uneasy alliance: she would help assassinate King Praxus of Galmion in exchange for the safety of the city
He demanded weapons, manpower, and the Armageddon, a fearsome airship
Promised not to harm her or her companions until the king was dead
Zealot allowed a week for preparations to be made
Rehia found that a large number of maps and schematics had been stolen
Found one remaining design for a behemoth machine somewhere in the palace
Party regrouped and debriefed with Nicholas
Marcus’ body was brought out, having been gunned down by Dervish
The party called on their allies and assembled Ishmuck, Brock, Captain Drake, Ivy, Serion’s soldiers, and Kalamath to accompany them
Set out on the airship with Dervish and Zealot in an uneasy alliance
Attacked on the rear deck by Senekri, a Galmione assassin
Defeated him and prepared to continue to Rukan City
Planned to move upriver and destroy one of the river citadels and regain control of the river

Beyond the Veil
The Party Enters Valderai's Vault

Picked up treasures from the destroyed golem
Found one of the first passages blocked by a cave-in
Found a rune responsive to the Sins
Samos used Envy to activate the rune
The party was transported beyond the veil; the passage was no longer blocked
Reah found a secret door leading to a trapped treasure room
Alida disabled the trap and the party looted the treasure
Continued into the vault and encountered a fleeing soldier, who was truck dead by an arrow from around the bend
Heard the sounds of soldiers and their sorceress commander
Engaged the troops and defeated them
Alida questioned surviving mercenaries under a zone of truth
Revealed that they were working for Behamut’s army
Were trying to break the seal on the door ahead and rejoin the rest of their force
Reah pickpocketed them and then let them leave
Realized that they were behind the veil, in the midst of the continued First War
Used another lock rune to revert back to their plane, where they found keys to the door
Went back across the Veil to use the keys
Found a large chamber with a central carved pillar depicting the history of the First War
Activated a rune lock on top of it, and the room collapsed into a flooded chamber in the material plane
Alida was almost devoured by a water orm
Magically located the rune lock inside the creature’s stomach
Alida allowed herself to be eaten to trigger the rune
Used the portable rune lock to navigate the room and escape the orm
Heard the sounds of an interrogation from beyond a door ahead
Burst into the room to find a dragon priest, his servants, and his prisoner: Jordax
Fought and killed the enemy force
Jordax explained that she was leading a squadron in the fight between Valderai and Krawna
She had been captured while trying to reach the vault’s center, where Valderai may be communed with
Alida communed with Valderai’s spirit
Told that she must be wary of the Magi, and must find all seven Sins
Warned that one day the keys of law and chaos would be in their hands
Alida asked where to find Wrath
Valderai revealed that, in the final battle for the Galmion crown many years ago, Wrath was taken by Dervish and Zealot
Dervish destroyed it, but the spirit entered his eyepiece
Valderai gave her the Miracle Stone, to be cast above the clouds

Seeking Valderai's Vault

Headed back to Notay Orimin
Nicholas Gray, though injured, began to recover
Reported to Marcus and the Ravens what happened
Asked about libraries for information on the rest of the Seven Sins
Referred to another hideout near the city’s core
Spoke with a captain there, who told them of a totem in the warehouse district
Also told that a murder occurred in a warehouse nearby
Investigated the crime scene
A warehouse full of firearms was emptied, and the owner killed by a bullet wound
Evidence pointed to a frost weapon fired from the upper window
Alida found a talisman around the victim’s neck
Spoke with the dead and learned that the murderers were former Galmion soldiers
Victim referred to his killers as Zealot and Dervish
Investigated the totem; met a Magi there named Zorin
He revealed that the murdered man was a Magi, and that he had crossed dangerous people
Learned that the talisman was some kind of key
Learned that the key may find the treasures of the Guardian Drake, Valderai
Alida revealed that that she possessed the talisman
Managed to convince Zorin to allow the group to come to a Magi outpost
Reah took another look at the crime scene and found a three-clawed footprint
At dawn, the party set out with Nicholas and Zorin to the outpost
Zorin placed marks of justice forbidding them from taking treasure from Valderai’s Vaults
Read the talisman: “Only when the pauper’s need is great will the door be opened.”
Valderai was known to drop gold on poor villages as an act of generosity
Wondered if re-creating Valderai’s golden rain would activate the talisman
Decided to seek the creator of the frost weapon used in the murder
Sought the craftsman, Kalamath, at his Magi outpost
During the night, ambushed by a warning shot from a sniper astride a dire bat
Spoke with Kalamath about Dervish, the musketeer from Galmion
Decided to seek a possible site of one of Valderai’s vaults
Stalked by Dervish; confronted him
He revealed that he planned to use the wealth of the vault to overthrow the Galmion king for Rukan
He tried to convince them to hand over the talisman, but the party refused
He swore vengeance and retreated
Fled to escape into the vault
Entered the site using the talisman
Reah disarmed a set of traps, and the group fought and slew a clockwork golem


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