The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

Cliffs and Conspiracies
The Adventure to Cragshire


  • Rehia awoke, and began noticing shadowy incarnations of her own self escaping her body and haunting the airship
  • Gryphero investigated, along with Captain Drake
  • Gryphero determined that Rehia was undergoing a phenomenon dubbed, “soul splintering” in which the multiple spirits in her body were forcing pieces of her own soul to fragment
  • They left the airship with Nicholas Gray, where the escaping spirits would do less harm
  • Meanwhile, Alida, Jordax, and Ivy were surprised in the middle of the night by Gorgon, who was creeping up on Alida with a dagger and a parchment
  • Jordax summoned a swarm of chattering monkeys to disorient him
  • Gorgon explained that they were being watched, and he had been branded with the Quivering Palm by Yokai himself
  • Alida removed the curse, and the group left Gorgon’s mansion in disguise
  • The party suspected that Sloth was causing the Cliff Monks to lose control of their nation, and that a third party must be behind it
  • They traveled north aboard the airship to Cragshire, the capital of Murlos
  • There, they learned that the Solstice Festival was about to begin, and that the Monks held a re-dedication of their vows to their order upon the eve of the solstice
  • They planned to infiltrate the temple during the festival, and challenged one of the monk grand master to a duel of wits to prove their worth
  • Gryphero answered the monk’s riddles, gaining access to the outer ring of the temple
  • The party decided to make their way into the inner sanctum by way of the sewer network below Cragshire
  • After defeating the vile denizens of the sewers below, they continued their quest as the solstice drew near
In Search of Sloth
The Adventure to Murlos
  • The party regrouped and rescued the rest of Brimstone’s refugees
  • Rehia was rendered all but comatose by her encounter with Pride, and the tattoo etched in her palm began glowing red. She was confined to the brig while Gryphero investigated her condition
  • He concluded that the only known way to transfer a Sin to a new vessel was to destroy its current host, but he was certain they could find another way
  • Samos took the time to inform the castaways of what has become of the Bandit Kings, and how they have changed in recent years. He also commissioned a wood carver aboard the airship to begin making a sculpture chronicling their adventures
  • Brimstone agreed to return to Varinos to learn more about his ancestors’ legacy, after staying aboard the airship with the party for a time
  • The group decided to seek Sloth, rumored to be found in the nation of Murlos
  • Arriving in Murlos, the party investigated the locals in search of Veil artifacts
  • Their search led them to a man named Brenek, who was said to be well connected both with the Cliff Monks as well as the organized criminal dealings of Murlos
  • He introduced them to one of the envoys of a local gang boss named Gorgon, who agreed to take them to Gorgon’s mansion to meet with him
  • Wary of their new associates, Ivy and Samos spied on them. They discussed moving Veil artifacts, and Ivy sensed the presence of Veil relics in the wagon
  • Samos was nearly caught, but escaped
  • The group traveled with a shipment of Gorgon’s goods along the Narrow Highway
  • They encountered a pair of giants, but Samos bullied his way past them
  • They arrived at Gorgon’s Gate, a checkpoint run by Gorgon and his men. Unfortunately, it had been commandeered by a group of Cliff Monks performing a “routine inspection”
  • When the illicit goods were discovered in the wagon, the monks attacked, yelling orders in Abyssal
  • The party dispatched the monks, with the help of some magical assistance by an unseen force—Alida noticed that Brenek was indeed a spell caster. He later revealed himself as a Mutecaster, a spy/mage specializing in casting spells unnoticed
  • After defeating the monks, the group discovered that they were actually Phantoms, a rogue sect of the Cliff Monks enforcing their own terrible rule on the countryside
  • It appeared that a single monk—according to Brenek, Yokai, grand master of the Phantoms—had slaughtered all of the Gate’s former occupants
  • The party arrived at Gorgon’s mansion, and found him to be a very likeable halfling indeed
  • He told them the location of the Phantoms’ fortress in the old Mountaintop Lighthouse. He also told them of the changes to their nation in recent decades, and the growing apathy of the Cliff Monks
Hidden Sins
The Confrontation with Pride


  • The group pressed on into Kyrora’s mines within the volcano on Korth
  • Alida used her summoned earth elemental to find the magma chamber, where the energy of the Sin was the strongest
  • Rehia and Nicholas searched the caverns for ventilation shafts
  • Samos and Ivy tracked the fleeing monk scout
  • They confronted a group of miners in another cavern, and the party regrouped to join the battle
  • Some of the enemy miners were captured, and were coerced into helping lead the group down to the magma chamber
  • Kyrora had been sacrificing valuable artifacts, as well as her minions, to the volcano
  • When the group reached the cavern, they found Kyrora waiting for them inside
  • She left them to contend with the volcano and fled
  • The group realized that the volvano itself had become a vessel for the Sin, Pride
  • In a bizarre turn of events , Rehia convinced the spirit of Pride that it had found a perfect resting place, and offered to become its emissary
  • Pride took the form of a magma dragon and placed its seal upon Rehia’s hand
  • The volcano erupted and reshaped the island of Korth, expanding it and building the fortress of Riftmount, as well as populating it with flaming spirits to defend it
  • Samos rigged up a raft to save Brimstone’s castaways
  • The party teleported back to the airship, promising to send aid
The Clan of Castaways
The Quest for Pride Begins


  • The party returned the Forge to the Architect, and he used it to destroy Praxus’ helm once and for all
  • The Architect crafted a boon of great power for each member of the party
  • Rehia asked him to extend Nicholas Gray’s life so they could spend it together
  • Alida scried on the Brain Breaker and discovered that he had begun to “rehabilitate” more “patients” in his compound, and that he had been protecting Kyrora from the continued attacks of her father, Nemesu
  • The party decided to go after the Sin on Korth Pride, which was last seen in the form of a spear which was lost in a shipwreck
  • Using her new abilities as the World Walker, Alida guided the group to the thinnest part of the Veil on Korth, which turned out to be the shipwreck itself
  • Rehia and Ivy found the remains of the captain below decks, and Nicholas Gray gave him his final rites
  • Samos constructed a makeshift boat out of the remains of the ship, just as a huge creature snapped the remains of the shipwreck in two
  • The group tried to escape the monster, but it ran them down and attacked
  • The party defeated the sea serpent and proceeded to shore
  • The group was approached by the ghost of Captain Nathaniel Drake, the captain of the Serpentine. He asked them to rescue the descendants of his crew and return his family sword to his heirs.
  • Nicholas helped find shelter from the bitter cold of the sea. Ivy spotted a campfire down the coast after climbing up the cliffs for a better view
  • The group approached the camp the next morning by sea, while Ivy and Rehia scouted ahead
  • They discovered a ragtag camp of castaways, the descendants of the shipwrecked crew of the Serpentine. After some tense negotiations, the leader of the castaways, Brimstone, agreed to help them against Kyrora
  • With Valderai‘s help, the group spooked the guards away from the mines, where Kyrora was enforcing her will as a supposed dark goddess to coerce other castaways into recovering Pride from the island’s central volcano
  • The party engaged another group of castaways inside the mine, and Alida sent a summoned earth elemental to seek out Pride
Into the Gallery
The party infiltrates the black market
  • The party hit the streets to discover details about the sale of Veil artifacts
  • Rehia managed to find a hidden passage behind a statue of the Brothers Brivern in the market square
  • Ivy tailed a suspicious-looking man who was examining star charts
  • She attempted to pickpocket him, but he noticed her and was spooked away
  • Alida managed to find another gnome in the crowd, Lord “Hill” Hillbrick. He took a liking to her and was intrigued by her stories of adventure
  • He explained that he had obtained an invitation to the Whisper Gallery auction that evening
  • Alida convinced him to let her and her friends accompany him
  • That night, the party split up to infiltrate the auction, some with Hill and others by stealth tailing behind them.
  • All members of the party managed to arrive at the auction, where a number of illegal or ethically questionable magical items were up for sale
  • A half-orc gangster outbid bid against Hill for a metallic talon-like sword, which resonated strongly with Veil energy
  • Hill outbid him and won the item, but the party noticed several unsavory characters tailing him after his purchase
  • A large Veil item was about to go up for auction, but the auctioneer reported that a private “donor” had already offered a generous sum to purchase it
  • A half-elf loaded the mystery item onto a wagon and left through the caverns
  • Ivy tailed the half-elf and discovered that the item was, indeed, the Forge—a heavy dragon-sized anvil and hammer made of rare and mysterious alloys
  • She followed the courier all the way back to his hideout, a magically disguised warehouse which was actually a hub for organized crime
  • There was a horde of “misfit” races working on an enormous mechanized dragon inside which bore striking resemblance to the Architect himself
  • Alida contacted Ivy and learned this information
  • The party regrouped, but several thugs had tailed Hill and confronted him for the artifact
  • He fled, and Nicholas Gray went to protect him
  • When the party caught up, Nicholas was defending Hill against a group of mobsters
  • A frenzied battle broke out in the streets, and the party was victorious in defending Hill and the talon
  • The party organized a heist of the Forge; Alida entered the warehouse by plane shifting, and the rest of the group entered by stealth
  • They eluded the notorious gangster, the Shaman, and stole the Forge from under his nose
The Forge
The Architect is restored and the search for the Forge begins
  • The party snuck into the chamber where the heart of the mechanized dragon was left
  • Stole the heart and fled as a clockwork goliath pursued them
  • Returned the heart to the dragon, who turned out to be the Architect himself
  • He explained that he was among the first beings in all the cosmos, and he helped to build all existence
  • Many of his creations had been tainted by man, including the Helm and the Sins
  • He explained that, to destroy the Helm, he needed to restore his Forge, the ancient tools which he used to create his relics
  • The Forge had been stolen by men who were affiliated with the Bandit Kings
  • The party consulted with Golarion, who told them that men from the physical world, Rifters, may have stolen the tools centuries ago
  • The party pooled their knowledge together and decided to search for the Forge in Talanos, capitol of the South Barony
  • They plane shifted there, and ended up 60 miles from the city. They decided to travel there by foot
  • Jordax provided for the group as they made their way across the desert
  • The group encountered a young bard of noble blood, Demetrian Farris, the “extra” heir to a family of financial and commercial status
  • He housed them and told them stories of the brothers Brivern. One of the brothers was a Rifter who stole from beyond the Veil; the other was a knight who stopped him and returned to the relics to their rightful place
  • Alida and Jordax went to gather information in the market. Rehia used her black market connections to learn that there was a big deal going down that evening in the Whisper Gallery beneath the statue of Zurakon, which may involve the sale of Veil artifacts
  • Ivy contacted her old friend, Iravi, to learn that a rogue sect of the Bandits may be behind the theft of the Forge. She also informed her that the Bandit Kings themselves planned to meet at Gaia’s Breath in a fortnight to discuss the future of the Bandits
The Mystery of the Architect
Crossing the Veil to Destroy Praxus' Helm
  • The party celebrated Rehia and Nicholas Gray’s engagement
  • They met together to decide their next move
  • Gryphero informed Alida that he had found numerous references to an entity called “”/characters/the-architect" class=“wiki-content-link”>The Architect," who may have been responsible for the creation of the Sins as well as the helm
  • Alida scried on the Brain Breaker to check on Kyrora
  • Demons had been attacking his fortress, but Kyrora was still imprisoned
  • It seemed she had lost her mind in the captivity of the Brain Breaker, and he revealed that he plans on releasing her once she is fully “rehabilitated”
  • The party decided they needed to destroy Praxus once and for all
  • They enlisted the Treespeaker to help find them upon their return
  • Alida used a plane shift spell to bring them across the Veil
  • They landed inside an active volcano, but quickly escaped
  • They located the fortress of Golarion, the bronze Drake, patron dragon of warriors and soldiers
  • He informed them of the siege of the Architect’s tower, and offered to drop them into the city from above
  • During the drop, they encountered four scouts from Shalunkal’s army, and defeated them
  • After landing in the city, they made their way to the Architect’s tower
  • As they entered, they heard the voice of the Skullspeaker speaking to them telepathically
  • The party snuck past the clockwork golems in the foyer, defeated a water puzzle, and escaped a clockwork leviathan as it pursued them to the top of the tower
  • They found a skeletonized, mechanical dragon inert on the floor, missing its heart
  • Checking several passageways from the room—one led to a colossal golem, one to a workshop, and the other to a trap-infested hall
  • After taking precautions, Ivy disarmed the deadly traps in the hallway
The Fall of An Emperor
Praxus is defeated
  • The party sought more information on the whereabouts of Praxus and the Sweeper
  • Hearsay in the logging village led them to a traveling carnival of gypsies
  • The party spoke with the Treespeaker, who revealed that Nicholas Gray was carrying a treasure of great value
  • The Treespeaker also informed them that their enemies were hiding deep in the old hatcheries from before the wars of the Dragon Lords
  • They also met a voodoo shaman, the Skullspeaker—rival to the Treespeaker and a charlatan of ill repute
  • Alida discovered that he was in league with Praxus, and was helping him assemble his army
  • Rehia became embroiled in a pickpocketing competition with some of the gypsy swindlers
  • She won, and received an ornate engagement ring as her prize
  • Alida later spoke with Nicholas and discovered that the ring was his, and he planned on proposing
  • Alida helped him find the courage, and he proposed to Rehia
  • The party found the secret entrance to Praxus’ lair and infiltrated it
  • After a desperate battle, they were victorious and defeated him
A Glimpse Beyond
The Veil Torn In Durial
  • The party regrouped and resupplied after defeating the Sweeper
  • Thomas’ family rewarded the party with a family heirloom—a dragonbane crossbow
  • Gryphero delivered a secret letter to Alida late at night. It was from Kyrora herself
  • Kyrora was seeking aid and called a meeting at the well the following night at midnight
  • The party deliberated, and Alida communed with Valderai to determine their course of action
  • Valderai revealed that Krawna, the white Dark Drake, may be loose in their world
  • The party contacted the Brain Breaker and asked him to help contain Kyrora; he agreed
  • When the party met with Kyrora, she revealed that her father Nemesu had put a price on her head and planned to drag her back beyond the Veil to an unknown fate. She sought an alliance against Krawna, their common enemy
  • Rehia distracted the succubus while Ivy bound her in dimensional shackles; they tossed her into the well to be taken away by the Brain Breaker
  • The party decided to go to Rehia’s home in Durial. They received Tevalien’s blessing and a company of men to escort them
  • While flying towards the monastery aboard the airship, Rehia and Nicholas Gray realized the entire surrounding jungle had been frozen
  • They encountered an outlying watchtower of Rehia’s order; the men stationed there reported that there had been a great cataclysm and a storm that had frozen the jungle around the monastery
  • The party made a stealthy approach on foot, and encountered Krawna himself who had sensed the Sins and come to challenge them
  • Krawna summoned two ice giants against them
  • Defeating the giants, the party made their way into the monastery via a secret passage Rehia remembered from her youth
  • They encountered and subdued a guard
  • The party split up; Rehia went with Nicholas to rescue her parents, while Alida, Ivy, and Samos went to the inner sanctum to find the rift in the Veil
  • Rehia released her parents and began setting the rest of the captives free
  • Alida’s group encountered three dragon priests and their liege, an adult white dragon
  • Ivy snuck past them to get a flanking position, and found the rift in a chamber below
  • The group attacked and defeated the dragon and his minions, with Ivy ambushing them and taking down the dragon almost single-handedly
  • The party managed to seal the rift, causing an explosion that destroyed the sanctum
  • Krawna swooped down from above, ready to destroy them. The party used magic to escape and regroup
Ghost Stories
The Showdown With the Sweeper
  • The party regrouped after the revolution at Citadom
  • Reiha and Ivy went into town to gather supplies and find the means to securing Kyrora to the material plane, should they encounter her again
  • Meanwhile, Alida went back to the library to visit the Lorekeeper, Gryphero
  • Gryphero revealed that Praxus and Kyrora had discovered the Helm of the Conqueror in the old hatchery, which was used as a base during their insurgency
  • He told her that the helm was not a Sin, but it was just as old. It had belonged to the first Galmion emperor, and it held the collective consciousness of all the conquerors who had come before
  • Alida learned that her hometown of Mountainroot had been rebuilt and named “Alida’s Rock” in her honor
  • She convinced Gryphero to join their cause, and to become her new cohort
  • Gryphero revealed the possible locations of the final two sins. Pride was infused in a spear somewhere in the East, and Sloth resided within a war hammer somewhere in Murlos
  • Rehia and Ivy met a surly dwarf wizard in town who offered to give them the code word to deactivate the traps in a competitor’s shop
  • That night, they used the code word to sneak in and steal dimensional shackles to keep Kyrora from teleporting
  • Rehia also found a mirror that looked valuable, which she also took
  • Alida asked Captain Drake about Pride, and he told her a wild first-hand account of witnessing it go down with a sea captain off the coast of Korth
  • Alida communed with Valderai to seek answers on what to do next
  • Valderai revealed that Kyrora was not seeking direct power, and would not likely attempt a takeover. In fact, her own demon kind and even her own father, Nemesu, had put a price on her head
  • Valderai told her that Pride was not in fact at the bottom of the ocean. He revealed that Sloth was in the hands of dwarven gangsters in Murlos, and to seek Jasper Boot’s aid in finding it
  • Valderai also revealed that Reiha’s family and home village were not safe
  • Later, Rehia found herself feeling uncharacteristically generous, handing out gold to beggars without pause
  • Investigating, she found out that the mirror she took was cursed, and she could not compel herself to get rid of it
  • The party decided to investigate stories of two grave-robbing undead which were haunting the battlefields of Galmion
  • They ventured to the old logging town of Hillbriar, where a great battle had taken place in Praxus insurgency
  • They learned from the war veteran Hank that townspeople had been disappearing into the mill
  • They explored the mill and found the Sweeper, along with a horde of undead
  • In a desperate struggle, they defeated the Sweeper and rescued a village boy who had been ensorcelled to lure townspeople to the lich

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