The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

Into the Gallery

The party infiltrates the black market

  • The party hit the streets to discover details about the sale of Veil artifacts
  • Rehia managed to find a hidden passage behind a statue of the Brothers Brivern in the market square
  • Ivy tailed a suspicious-looking man who was examining star charts
  • She attempted to pickpocket him, but he noticed her and was spooked away
  • Alida managed to find another gnome in the crowd, Lord “Hill” Hillbrick. He took a liking to her and was intrigued by her stories of adventure
  • He explained that he had obtained an invitation to the Whisper Gallery auction that evening
  • Alida convinced him to let her and her friends accompany him
  • That night, the party split up to infiltrate the auction, some with Hill and others by stealth tailing behind them.
  • All members of the party managed to arrive at the auction, where a number of illegal or ethically questionable magical items were up for sale
  • A half-orc gangster outbid bid against Hill for a metallic talon-like sword, which resonated strongly with Veil energy
  • Hill outbid him and won the item, but the party noticed several unsavory characters tailing him after his purchase
  • A large Veil item was about to go up for auction, but the auctioneer reported that a private “donor” had already offered a generous sum to purchase it
  • A half-elf loaded the mystery item onto a wagon and left through the caverns
  • Ivy tailed the half-elf and discovered that the item was, indeed, the Forge—a heavy dragon-sized anvil and hammer made of rare and mysterious alloys
  • She followed the courier all the way back to his hideout, a magically disguised warehouse which was actually a hub for organized crime
  • There was a horde of “misfit” races working on an enormous mechanized dragon inside which bore striking resemblance to the Architect himself
  • Alida contacted Ivy and learned this information
  • The party regrouped, but several thugs had tailed Hill and confronted him for the artifact
  • He fled, and Nicholas Gray went to protect him
  • When the party caught up, Nicholas was defending Hill against a group of mobsters
  • A frenzied battle broke out in the streets, and the party was victorious in defending Hill and the talon
  • The party organized a heist of the Forge; Alida entered the warehouse by plane shifting, and the rest of the group entered by stealth
  • They eluded the notorious gangster, the Shaman, and stole the Forge from under his nose


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