The Legend of Mythann: Reborn

The Mystery of the Architect

Crossing the Veil to Destroy Praxus' Helm

  • The party celebrated Rehia and Nicholas Gray’s engagement
  • They met together to decide their next move
  • Gryphero informed Alida that he had found numerous references to an entity called “”/characters/the-architect" class=“wiki-content-link”>The Architect," who may have been responsible for the creation of the Sins as well as the helm
  • Alida scried on the Brain Breaker to check on Kyrora
  • Demons had been attacking his fortress, but Kyrora was still imprisoned
  • It seemed she had lost her mind in the captivity of the Brain Breaker, and he revealed that he plans on releasing her once she is fully “rehabilitated”
  • The party decided they needed to destroy Praxus once and for all
  • They enlisted the Treespeaker to help find them upon their return
  • Alida used a plane shift spell to bring them across the Veil
  • They landed inside an active volcano, but quickly escaped
  • They located the fortress of Golarion, the bronze Drake, patron dragon of warriors and soldiers
  • He informed them of the siege of the Architect’s tower, and offered to drop them into the city from above
  • During the drop, they encountered four scouts from Shalunkal’s army, and defeated them
  • After landing in the city, they made their way to the Architect’s tower
  • As they entered, they heard the voice of the Skullspeaker speaking to them telepathically
  • The party snuck past the clockwork golems in the foyer, defeated a water puzzle, and escaped a clockwork leviathan as it pursued them to the top of the tower
  • They found a skeletonized, mechanical dragon inert on the floor, missing its heart
  • Checking several passageways from the room—one led to a colossal golem, one to a workshop, and the other to a trap-infested hall
  • After taking precautions, Ivy disarmed the deadly traps in the hallway


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